How to get Free Gift Cards online?

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You might be wondering how to get free gift cards? You’ve been browsing on the web and all you found were websites that promised you the whole world and you believed it. So you started filling out all the requirements that were listed. And right at that moment where you expected to receive your Free Gift Card. Phoef, everything disappeared and you ended up with nothing. Does this sound familiar to you? Hold on we will tell you how this is done! 


free gift cards


How to get legit free gift cards on the web?

There are a lot of websites on the web you can use to get free gift cards. But, you will need to filter out the good ones and dump the bad websites somewhere in a trash can far away from reachable. Because the bad websites only have intentions to steal your private information to make money on it. This isn’t what you want right? You want a website that actually provides you with the gift card you deserve. Well, obviously this is possible at Giftcards4you. Here you can select between a Free PSN Code, Free Netflix Account, Amazon Gift Card and a Free Xbox Live Gold Code. However, you have probably already used our service! And, now we logged your personal IP address so that you can’t withdraw another free gift card from our database. So is this where it all ends? Of course not. Next to our lovely service there are also other ways you can obtain free gift cards on the web. This isn’t as convenient as our service, where you need to do practically nothing to get something valuable in return. But it does work, and it only requires a little bit of your time. Well, or a lot depending on the value of the card you would like to receive.


Another option for you Pointsprizes

First of all, we would like to mention that we bear no affiliate to Pointsprizes at all. We simply were searching for other services so you can get an additional free gift card on the web. Nothing is more convenient than receiving that reward without the need to leave your own bedroom. Just hang out on the couch and follow my lead. With PointsPrizes you can earn points by filling in surveys, watching movies and sharing links to your friends. These are all links and movies from legitimate companies that have been checked out by the website itself. So, no spam, no human verification stuff and no hassle on your way to receive that free gift card.

There are a lot of other websites where you can also save up for points to redeem your reward. You can check out for yourself which one has the best rules for you. But here is a list of websites that contain saving programs you can use to get free gift cards on the web!

  • Prizerebel
  • Swagbucks
  • Gift Rebel
  • Lootpalace

Let me explain how it works! All of these websites have a built in Saving system. And you can earn points to receive a free gift card of your choice. This can be for the Xbox, Amazon, PlayStation or Netflix and more. You earn the points through different ways. But, usually you earn most by watching advertising and filling in surveys! Once you have completed enough of the actions that are required on the website. You will have a certain amount of point. Under the gift section you can check the amount of points you will need for the specific price you had your eye on! These are all normal websites that are trusted by the users. I wouldn’t share scam websites with you! Because, we all have on similar goal! GETTING AS MUCH FREE GIFT CARDS AS POSSIBLE

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